boys cry
girls masturbate
boys can like pink and not be gay
girls can have short hair and not be a lesbian
boys can like ballet
girls can like video games
boys can be hot without a six pack
girls can be hot without a hairless body
boys can have hair down to their waists
girls can have stretch marks, curves and back fat

gender doesn’t determine what you can and cannot enjoy, what you can and cannot look like or what you can and cannot do



“Sometimes it’s really early in the morning and I don’t want anyone to talk to me. [laughs] But Jake, because I work with Jake so much… he always makes me laugh. This morning, he- I showed up at 4 in the morning and um, he really broke through. [laughs]”


#otp: too much chemistry #i’m sorry #(not sorry) #the hand holding might look like it’s from a scene #but i’m 90% sure its zooey grabbing him #to resart the scene#stupid flirty jerks #this could also be titled #never keeping your hands to yourself #also i mean the blooper #where she pretends she is going to straddle his lap #he just leans back #and is like yep sure #let’s do this #he isn’t like haha no #he is like haha yes #if you know what i mean #so many tags

#stupid flirty jerks #never keeping your hands to yourself #haha yes